Personal Loan For Doctors

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Quick and convenient. With  Personal Loan for Doctors, fund all your personal financial needs, from weddings and holidays abroad, to your children’s education. Get up to Rs. 35 lakh with Money in Bank in just 24 hours. With hassle-free online application, our process is designed to fit your busy schedule and give you the funds you need with ease

Loan up to Rs. 35 lakh

Personal Loan up to Rs. 35 lakh, to ensure you go through life wanting for nothing

Quick Processing

Online application process with minimal documentation and Approval in 24 hours, to save your tim

Flexi Loan Facility

Flexi Loan Facility, with a fixed loan limit given to you for a pre-decided tenor. Withdraw and prepay funds from within this loan limit, and choose to pay only the interest component of your loan as monthly EMIs. Interest is charged only on the amount utilised. Prepay the principal amount without any charge, or repay it at the end of the loan tenor, as per your convenience

Flexible Repayment Tenors

Tenors ranging from 12 months to 96 months, to fit your repayment preferenc

Minimal Documentation

Minimal documentation, to save you the trouble of lengthy paperwor

No Collateral

No guarantors or collateral required, to help you get the loan you need with eas

Part Prepayment Facility

No charges on part-prepayment, to ease your financial burden. The prepaid amount should not be less than the value of 3 EMIs, with no limit on the maximum amount

Pre-approved Offers

Exclusive pre-approved offers, so you get more value for your money